Auto Insurance Add-Ons to Make Driving Easier

Whether you’re a new driver or have been driving for years, it’s crucial to have the right car insurance coverage. Having the right coverage can make driving in Jenkintown, PA much easier.

Let’s look at some car insurance add-ons available through the Richard Zeises Agency to help you get around safely and securely.

Auto Insurance Add-Ons

Rental Reimbursement Coverage

Rental reimbursement coverage helps pay for a rental car if your vehicle is damaged or stolen and not drivable. This coverage is beneficial if you use your vehicle for work, school, or other activities that require constant transportation. If you already have comprehensive and collision coverage, this add-on may be worth considering, as it helps ease the cost of a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired or replaced.

Emergency Roadside Assistance Coverage

No one enjoys being stranded on the side of the road with a broken-down vehicle, but it happens. Emergency roadside assistance provides peace of mind by covering repair costs in case of an unexpected breakdown, such as flat tires, running out of gas, dead batteries, and more. With this add-on policy, you won’t ever have to worry about being stuck on the side of the road without help again.

Glass Coverage

Glass coverage is an optional add-on to your existing car insurance policy that helps cover the cost of replacing windshields and other glass that may be damaged in an accident or from a flying rock. A glass add-on pays for the labor required to fix or replace cracked, chipped, or shattered glass without affecting your rates.

Get The Right Coverage For Your Needs

These are just some ways adding extra coverage to your auto policy could benefit you when driving in Jenkintown, PA. Contact us today to learn more about how Richard Zeises Agency can help customize an auto policy for your and your family’s needs!

I already have insurance. Why get an umbrella policy?

Many people don’t have umbrella insurance and don’t even know what it is. Umbrella insurance is a type of insurance that helps protect you from very large, unforeseen expenses. It works by kicking in when your other policies reach their limit. This can be a huge help if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to sue or are sued for a large amount of money.  Richard Zeises Agency, serving the Jenkintown, PA community, is here to assist you with this vital coverage. 

The benefits of umbrella insurance

There are several benefits to having umbrella insurance. First, it can help protect your assets in the event of a lawsuit. Second, it can provide peace of mind knowing that you are covered for any potential liability costs. Finally, umbrella insurance is typically much less expensive than traditional homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policies.

How to get an umbrella policy

If you are interested in getting umbrella insurance, there are several things you need to keep in mind. First, make sure that your current policies have no gaps where an umbrella policy could fill in. Second, be aware of the maximum coverage amount offered by your umbrella policy and make sure that it is sufficient to cover all potential costs. Finally, always read the fine print so that you understand exactly what is and is not covered by your policy.

Contact us today!

Overall, if you are looking for extra peace of mind and protection from liability costs, umbrella insurance may be a good option for you. It is typically affordable and easy to get started, so there is no reason not to give it a try today! Call us at Richard Zeises Agency right away. We proudly serve the Jenkintown, PA area. 

Why You Need Flood Insurance in Pennsylvania

When you own a home, it’s important to have home insurance to protect it. However, your home insurance may not offer you all the protection you need for your home. It’s important to have flood insurance to give you better protection. Flood insurance covers flooding incidents that home insurance doesn’t. To keep your home protected, you need both home and flood insurance policies. To get your flood insurance, call us at Richard Zeises Agency in Jenkintown, PA.

Why Flood Insurance?

Flood Zones

There are flood zones all across the U.S., and Pennsylvania is no different. When an area is designated as a flood zone, it means that flooding can be expected there at one point or another. Some are 10-year flood zones, some are 25 years, etc. These zones expect floods at some point, but they aren’t the only areas that can flood. Virtually anywhere can experience a flood, and it doesn’t have to be in a flood zone. About 20% of all of the claims for flood damage come from areas that aren’t designated as flood zones. This makes it important to make sure you’re covered. 

Flood Insurance Backing

Flood insurance is backed by the National Flood Insurance Program. This government program is responsible for making flood insurance available, and it also set the prices for the policies. No matter where you get your flood policy, the cost of it is always the same. With government backing, you can count on having this policy, and you know the backer will always be there. It’s never a good idea to go without flood insurance in Pennsylvania no matter where in the state you live. 

Get Flood Insurance Today

If you own a home and aren’t protecting it with flood insurance, give us a call right away at Richard Zeises Agency in Jenkintown, PA.

Protect your condo with a comprehensive policy that provides the coverage you need!

Condo residents in the greater Jenkintown, PA area can turn to the team at Richard Zeises Agency for all of their insurance needs. If you are going to buy a condo in the near future, let us help you find a condo policy that meets your unique insurance needs.

Benefits of a comprehensive condo policy

Many people choose condo living because of the low-maintenance lifestyle it provides. If you have plans to purchase a condo, be sure to consider your insurance options.

While condo boards will carry insurance to protect the building itself and common areas contained therein, it is up to the unit owners to have the policy to protect their units and belongings. 

Prior to deciding on a policy, it makes sense to review the Condominium Owners Association requirements. Many buildings have certain requirements that pertain to the type of insurance and the amount that is necessary for each resident. 

Opting for a comprehensive policy means that you will be protected should anything go wrong in your unit. This type of policy can cover everything from theft to accidents, and other types of damage. Of course, every policy is different, so it’s important to fully review a policy before selecting it. 

Having the information necessary to make a smart decision is a lot easier when you work with an agent. Local insurance agents are a great resource when it comes to determining which policy will be right for your needs.

Let us help with all your condo insurance needs!

Richard Zeises Agency is here for the Jenkintown, PA community. If you have questions about any type of insurance, we are here to answer them! Contact our office or stop by today to find out more.

Does Car Insurance Cover Vandalism or Theft?

If you have an auto insurance policy, you realize the importance of adequate coverage. At Richard Zeises Agency in Jenkintown, PA, we help our customers understand all aspects of their plans. For example, one common question we get is "does car insurance cover vandalism or theft?"

How Vandalism Or Theft Is Covered

Vandalism and stolen vehicles can be covered if someone decides to include comprehensive coverage. However, it’s also important to note that this coverage can be optional. Typically, people who lease or finance cars are asked to carry this coverage for their automobiles. It does become a choice when you own a vehicle, so it’s important to weigh your options and risk level.

Below are some examples of when someone would need to use their auto insurance policy (more specifically, their comprehensive coverage).

  • An intruder attempts a break-in and smashes your front windshield.
  • Someone steals your vehicle that doesn’t get recovered. The current value of your car would be estimated to receive payment ( after the deductible is applied) 
  • Slashed tires or keyed vehicles 

If you have had a situation where your car was vandalized, it’s recommended to take photos and start the process of filing a claim. Here, it would also be necessary to contact your local authorities so proper documentation can be filed. If your vehicle is damaged, don’t do anything like try to move it on your own. That could cause more damage than you would be responsible for.

Find Out More About Auto Insurance 

Do you still have questions about what your auto insurance policy covers? We at Richard Zeises Agency in Jenkintown, PA have the answers for you. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for any concerns you have or what coverage you need for your family. 

Reasons You Need Business Insurance

When you first start a business, you are going to want to watch your expenses closely. You aren’t going to want to spend any more money than necessary. That being said, business insurance is going to be one of those things that you need. Consult with Richard Zeises Agency in Jenkintown, PA to learn more about your options.

Here are some reasons why you need this coverage:

Most states require you to have insurance for your business

If you are running a business, you are required by law to protect it with insurance. 

It will protect your employees

It is important that you have worker’s compensation insurance in case one of your employees gets hurt on the job. 

It will also protect your customers

Liability insurance will cover any medical expenses for those who are injured at your business. It will also protect you against property damage. 

It can also protect you against data breaches

If you deal with sensitive information, you are going to want to make sure that your client’s information is secure.  

Business insurance will protect you against lawsuits

If you ever get sued, you may end up losing your business, so you need to be protected. 

Though you may not want to have insurance, the truth is that your state may require you to have some. However, you should think about other reasons why you need it. You need to protect yourself, your employees, and even your customers. If you deal with serious information, you need to make sure that it stays safe and protected. Your business insurance will also help you if you get sued. 

Give Us A Call

If you want to make sure that your business is fully protected, you should contact us today at Richard Zeises Agency in Jenkintown, PA. 

Will homeowners insurance cover damage to my backyard shed?

Homeowners insurance covers your personal belongings as well as your home’s exterior and interior. A typical homeowners policy even covers other structures or dwellings on your property.

At the Richard Zeises Agency, we’re dedicated to helping Jenkintown, PA homeowners understand all the benefits of homeowners insurance. 

What’s Covered

Homeowners insurance will pay for the repair, rebuilding, or replacement of your home, the structures on your property, and your personal belongings. This includes repairs to your shed if it’s damaged by a covered accident or peril.

However, homeowners should note that not all damage to your home, the structures on your property, or your personal belongings are covered under a homeowners’ policy. Although coverage and repair are provided for many different situations by a homeowners policy, not all are.

Our team at Richard Zeises Agency in Jenkintown, PA can go over what’s covered by your policy. 

Other Considerations

Homeowners insurance is designed to cover just about everything on your property. This includes your car, garage, roof, ceiling, electrical, plumbing, furniture, clothes, and much more. Theft, damage, and anything destroyed. However, if you accidentally drive your car through your garage door, or burn down your shed, your policy may not cover or repair, or replace the damage. For example, accidentally damaging your new couch while carrying it up a flight of stairs wouldn’t be covered by your homeowner’s policy.

Unintentional damage caused by accidents and/or negligence isn’t covered under a homeowners’ policy. However, there may be provisions in your policy that may make allowance for some accidents or situations. 

Give Us A Call

If you have questions regarding what’s covered under a standard homeowners policy, give us a call. We can explore your unique situations to determine the best coverage for you.

What Is The Difference Between Classic Car Insurance And Regular Insurance?

Classic car insurance typically offers higher limits than standard car insurance and can be more expensive. Classic car owners should consider all the risks and rewards of the hobby and shop around to find a policy that best suits their needs. You can buy classic car insurance through a specialty broker. By contacting Richard Zeises Agency, you get professional aid in Jenkintown, PA. 

What to Know About Classic Car and Regular Insurance 

Classic cars need special insurance because of their high resale value. Regular insurance will not cover for damages if your classic car is involved in an accident or otherwise damaged, because regular insurance policies do not cover for the resale value of your vehicle. You can not buy the cars at the price of an ordinary car, since they have a high resale value. 

Most classic car owners prefer to keep them in their collection rather than selling them. Classic cars are considered collectible and are subject to higher insurance rates than regular cars. You’ll need regular car insurance to cover any damage to the car. 

A classic car’s value depends on the year it was made, its condition, and the materials used to make it. If you own a classic car, you need to have an insurance policy to protect your investment in case of accidents or theft. Classic car insurance can be costly if you do not shop around for auto insurance quotes in advance. 

To help keep your costs down, find an insurer that specializes in providing classic car coverage and has good reviews. One way to find such companies is by searching online for “classic car insurance” or “classic auto insurance” and reading through reviews from previous customers who have worked with these companies before. 

You can also ask friends and family members if they know of any reputable insurers that specialize in classic auto coverage so you can compare rates yourself and make your decision based on price alone. 

Regular auto insurance policies cover damages caused by collisions with other vehicles or objects, as well as damages caused by theft or vandalism of your vehicle if it’s parked at home or elsewhere when such things occur. 

Bottom Line 

Classic car insurance can be purchased in addition to or instead of regular car insurance. It may be purchased from the same company as your regular car insurance or from a different company. 

The insurance can protect your car from financial loss due to the expense of repairing or replacing your car. For help in Jenkintown, PA, call Richard Zeises Agency.

How Much Renters Insurance is Sufficient?

If you are a tenant in Jenkintown, PA, don’t be like most renters who overlook renters’ insurance because they think the landlord’s insurance covers them. While the landlord may have insurance, this only covers the dwelling but not your assets. To ensure your assets are well-covered, you have to purchase renters insurance from Richard Zeises Agency.

But how much renters insurance should you buy? Often, we have seen policyholders encounter a disaster only to find out that their underlying insurance covers part of their loss. Buying insufficient insurance can hit you hard when calamities strike.

How much content coverage do I need?

Renters insurance compensates you for the loss or damage to your assets. But for you to ensure all your assets are covered, conduct a room from room inventory count to ensure nothing is missed. Once your inventory count is done, value your items and get coverage covering all your stuff.

The next thing is to decide the amount of deductible you need. We usually tell our clients to consider a deductible they can afford. Please don’t go too high, as it can mess up your liquidity. Also, please don’t go too low as it will raise your premiums. We will help you strike a proper balance between the deductible amount you need and the premiums to pay.

How much liability coverage do I need?

Renters insurance protects you and your loved ones when you cause bodily injury or property damage to others. Most renter’s insurance policies give $100,000 in liability coverage. While this may be sufficient for most renters, we advise our clients to raise the amount to $300,000 if they have a dangerous pet or throw parties in their dwelling. Umbrella insurance is an excellent option for those who need super-high liability coverage.

Still fumbling with the amount of renters insurance you need? If you are in Jenkintown, PA, please contact Richard Zeises Agency for personalized advice.

How Umbrella Insurance Can Protect Your Finances

Many people think of umbrella insurance as something that only the wealthy need. But the truth is, umbrella insurance can be a smart financial move for anyone. Umbrella insurance is designed to provide protection beyond the limits of your standard homeowners, renters, and auto insurance policies. It is a type of supplemental insurance that provides extra protection in case you are sued for more money than your regular homeowners, renters, or auto insurance policy would cover. For example, if you are sued for $1 million, and your regular homeowner’s policy has a limit of $500,000, your umbrella policy would provide the additional coverage you need.

Richard Zeises Agency in Jenkintown, PA presents a few key reasons you might want to consider umbrella insurance. 

How Umbrella Insurance Can Protect Your Finances

1. The Cost of Insurance Is Relatively Low

The cost of umbrella insurance is relatively low compared to the amount of coverage you get. This makes it a cost-effective way to provide extra protection for your finances.

2. Umbrella Coverage Can Help Protect Your Assets

If you are sued for a large amount of money, umbrella insurance can help protect your assets. This is especially important if you have a lot of savings or property that you would not want to lose in a lawsuit.

3. Umbrella Insurance Is an Easy Way to Increase Your Coverage

If you have a lot of assets that you want to protect, umbrella insurance is a good way to increase your coverage. It can provide added peace of mind in case of an unfortunate event.

If you’re looking for extra protection for your finances, umbrella insurance is a smart option. It’s affordable, covers a wide range of situations, and can help protect your assets in the event of a lawsuit. So if you’re interested in learning more about this type of coverage, be sure to contact Richard Zeises Agency today. We can help you find the right umbrella insurance policy to meet your needs in Jenkintown, PA.