Mileage limitations of classic car insurance

Classic car insurance protects your older model, rare, restored vehicle whether you own a classic car, vintage motorcycle, antique truck, or a collector’s vehicle, according to the Richard Zeises Agency. Jenkintown, PA classic car owners need coverage specifically for their classic vehicle, so they obtain its full value if something happens to damage it.

While this special type of auto insurance pays you the full value of your vehicle if something damages it, you trade off driving miles to keep it safer. The average person drives about 13,500 miles per year. This creates a lot of risks that something could go wrong since the vehicle spends so much time on the road.

Since the value of classic cars runs much higher than typical vehicles which depreciate, the insurance agency wants you to drive them less. A classic car insurance policy limits you to between 1,000 to 2,500 miles per year. Most policies include an odometer check each year to make sure you did not go over the limit.

How many miles you get to drive your vehicle depends on the insurance policy. Policies vary, so your buddy in the classic car club might have a policy that only lets her drive the classic car 1,000 miles per year, but your policy might allow 2,000 miles per year.

You can customize many aspects of the policy you buy, including its mileage and deductible. You can purchase add-ons to the regular policy that lets you extend the coverage.

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3 Benefits of Renters Insurance

It’s the dream of many people to own a home. But with the changing world, the autonomy given by rental houses is just the bomb. Renting a house gives you the freedom of moving from one place to another, yet you have somewhere you can call home. For homeowners, home insurance protects them. What about those who rent apartments or condos? That’s where renters insurance comes into play.

Many people assume that their landlord’s insurance protects them against perils like theft, vandalism, and fire. The reality is that the landlord’s insurance covers the building but not the contents. In light of this, you need to purchase renters insurance from Richard Zeises Agency of Jenkintown, PA. This way, you will enjoy the below benefits. 

Liability coverage

Liability coverage covers you in the event someone got injured in your home. It also protects you or anyone covered in the policy if you accidentally injure someone. This coverage pays for property damages, bodily injury costs, and even legal expenses up to your policy limit.

Provides cover for your belongings

Perhaps this is the most important reason for having renter insurance. Your belongings are a fortune. Think about your electronics, clothing, sporting gear, furniture, and so on. Renters insurance protects your assets from loss or damage even when disaster strikes outside your house. 

Provides additional living expenses

If your rented condo or apartment becomes uninhabitable due to a covered peril, your renter insurance may cover your additional temporal living expenses as the house is undergoing repairs. It will help if you discuss the additional living expenses coverage with your insurance agent to be on the safe side.

Renters insurance in Pennsylvania

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Common Scenarios When Umbrella Insurance Can Help You Protect Your Assets

For over 25 years, Richard Zeises Agency has helped Jenkintown, PA residents find the insurance coverage they need. We offer flexible policies to ensure that our clients are prepared for any scenario that they encounter. We take pride in offering quality customer service.

Common Scenarios When Umbrella Insurance Can Help You Protect Your Assets

Umbrella insurance adds an extra layer of security if you are involved in a liability dispute. Umbrella insurance is supplemental coverage that helps you protect your assets. Here is a look at some common scenarios when umbrella insurance can assist you.

Property Damage

Umbrella insurance protects you if you accidentally cause damage to someone else’s property. Perhaps you are ruled to be at fault for an auto accident, or your vehicle damages someone’s property. You can add umbrella insurance to your home insurance policy as well. Maybe you are doing some landscaping, cutting down a tree, and the tree lands on your neighbor’s roof. You are responsible for the damages, and umbrella insurance can help protect you from losing your assets.

Accidental Injuries

Umbrella insurance is commonly relied on to assist people who are dealing with potential litigation regarding bodily injuries. You are responsible if someone gets injured while visiting your home. You are also responsible if your pet accidentally injures someone or causes damage to their property. If you have a swimming pool or another high-risk accessory on your property, umbrella insurance is a real asset. You could face serious litigation if someone gets hurt. Umbrella insurance will protect you.

Commercial Litigation

If you are the owner of a Jenkintown, PA business, umbrella insurance covers you if you face allegations of slander, libel, and wrongful termination.

Richard Zeises Agency Will Help You Stay Protected

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What does it mean to be flood smart?

Floods happen anywhere, and an inch of water is enough to cause over $25,000 in damage. Everyone who lives in Jenkintown, PA is at risk of a flooding event. It’s a question of whether you are at low-risk, high-risk, or moderate-risk flood areas. That’s why Richard Zeises Agency recommends learning where your property belongs in the flood zones commonly referred to as flood smart.

What does being flood smart mean?

Being flood smart means you can read and interpret a flood map and know where your property stands based on what flood maps indicate. Each flood zone describes the level of risk in a particular area, which is also used to determine insurance costs and requirements. Remember, the higher the risk, the higher the cost of flood insurance. Being flood smart also means knowing that no matter where you live, there will always be some risk of flooding, and from there, you can take the necessary precautions and prepare.

How to tell you are in a flood zone

A flood-smart individual must know how to identify a flood zone. There are four ways to tell if you are in a flood zone:

  • Keep track of the changes: The changes in topography, construction, and other human activities can change the flood zone designations over time. It’s prudent to check these changes every five years and prepare if necessary.
  • Use flood sensors: Flood sensors notify you of water leaks and alert you when there are water-related leaks in your basement.
  • Check FEMA flood map: The FEMA flood map shows overlays of unique floodplains and the risk level around your property.
  • Check your flood insurance: Your flood insurance policy will always indicate where your property stands in terms of flood risk. Insurance companies in Jenkintown, PA are also keen to update this information whenever there is a change.

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What Pennsylvania residents Need to know about Condo insurance.

A condo insurance policy procured from an authorized insurance company in Jenkintown, PA can protect your personal belongings and liability. It also covers many alterations, additions, and improvements you make to your unit. Condo insurance caters to additional living expenses incurred should you live elsewhere after a covered loss. Let Richard Zeises Agency, situated in Jenkintown, PA, help you find outstanding coverage that suits your budgetary needs.

This form of policy is tailored to guard you and your family members against property damage, liability claims, and bodily injury. Additionally, you can choose medical payments that will cater to medical bills incurred by a guest who gets injured on your property, irrespective of who is deemed liable. Many Pennsylvania residents prefer condos to apartments when renting, but selecting proper condo insurance can sometimes be daunting. Worry not because Richard Zeises Agency is here to help. Our agency considers all the factors when building your condo insurance policy. They include:

  • Credit history.
  • Claims history.
  • Location of your condo.
  • Age(new or old) of your condo.

Types of condo insurance coverages.

  • Personal liability coverage: This policy pays for related legal expenses if someone is accidentally injured while residing in your condo and you are deemed liable.
  • Guest medical: This policy settles the medical expenses if your visitor gets injured while at your condo, even if you are deemed liable.
  • Building property protection: It typically helps in paying for repairs to the walls of your condominium unit, inclusive of its interior, which encompasses items like built-in bookcases and fixtures if a covered peril propagates destruction.
  • Personal property coverage: Personal possession such as appliances, clothing, furniture, and electronics get covered under personal property coverage. If a covered peril destroys them, this policy helps to repair or replace them. It encompasses two types of personal property coverage:
    • Replacement cost coverage.
    • Actual cash value.
  • Loss assessment coverage: In some cases, your condo association may issue a special assessment, and this form of policy may help you cover your share. For instance, if a fire causes damage to a common area.

Your condo is your ultimate source of comfort. Let us safeguard the space you have made your own. Call or visit us at Richard Zeises Agency offices, located in Jenkintown, PA for more information.

Why You Should Have Agent Assistance with Deciding on Your Auto Insurance Policy

Getting the right kind of automobile insurance isn’t always a clear-cut process. There are some complicated factors that you’ll have to consider. You’d do well to have an independent agent on your side like those at Richard Zeises Agency of the Jenkintown, PA area.

Honesty with Insurance Dealings

When you’re working with an insurance agent through a legitimate agency rather than going with your auto dealer’s recommendation, you stand a greater chance at finding just what you need and avoiding the hustle. An agent can look into various companies for you and make sure that you’re getting the best rates possible for what you want and need. They’ll give you more information and explain anything that is confusing (there are definitely a lot of specific terms to the industry that a layman wouldn’t really know without a great deal of experience with auto insurance).

Learn How About to Make a Claim

If an accident occurs and you or someone else is injured, you’ll need to know how to file an insurance claim. Even under the best circumstances, most people become flustered when it comes to dealing with complicated paperwork. Your independent agent will be able to go over the steps with you to clear on what you’ll need to submit and who should be sent what documentation.

There are various other reasons you should hire a reliable insurance agent to put together your auto insurance policy. They’ll put your mind at ease and make it possible for you to enjoy life more instead of stressing about what will happen if you get into an accident or something happens to your vehicle otherwise. Give us a call at Richard Zeises Agency if you’re in the Jenkintown, PA area and are seeking auto insurance.

The Risks Of Not Having Commercial Insurance

You most likely have car insurance for your vehicle, home insurance for your house, and health insurance for your family. Therefore, it also makes sense to carry commercial insurance if you run your own business. However, many small business owners prefer not to purchase commercial insurance, thinking that it is unnecessary. If you are one of them, Richard Zeises Agency, serving Jenkintown, PA, prepared a list of risks you face if you do not carry business insurance:

  • Failure to protect your employees. Workers’ compensation is the type of policy designed to protect employees if something happens to them in the workplace, and they cannot work for a while. Moreover, workers’ compensation is also mandatory in the state of Pennsylvania. If you decide to take a risk and operate your business without it, you violate the state law, and you put your employees in danger. 
  • Financial losses. If something happens with your business, you will be financially responsible for covering all the damages. For example, if there is a fire in your restaurant’s kitchen, you will have to pay for all the repairs and purchasing new appliances yourself. It is much better to have commercial insurance that will cover all the expenses if something unpredictable happens. 
  • Risk of losing your commercial property. If you do not have adequate business insurance, you are also risking the loss of your commercial property and assets if there is fire, flood, theft, vandalism, or any natural disaster. 

The above are just a few most common risks that business owners may face if they decide not to purchase business insurance. If you are thinking about getting a policy and you need some help, Richard Zeises Agency, serving clients in Jenkintown, PA, and other surrounding towns, is always ready to assist you. Do not hesitate to give us a call and talk to one of our highly qualified insurance agents, who will answer all your questions. 

Three reasons why you need home insurance in Pennsylvania

Purchasing home insurance is essential for homeowners in Jenkintown, PA. If you own a home, you can look into purchasing a home insurance policy from Richard Zeises Agency. 

The following are three reasons why you need home insurance in Pennsylvania.

You need home insurance because your mortgage lender requires it.

Probably the biggest reason why home insurance is a necessity is that mortgage lenders generally require it. If you borrowed money to buy your home, your lender probably requires you to carry home insurance.

You can discuss home insurance requirements with your mortgage lender. Your mortgage lender will be notified if your home insurance policy lapses, so you need to make sure that you keep your home insured throughout the life of your mortgage. 

You need home insurance because you may face a liability lawsuit.

Liability lawsuits are probably more common than you think. If another individual becomes injured in or around your home, you could be held liable for the resulting medical expenses. These expenses can be significant.

Home insurance policies typically include liability coverage. This coverage can protect you financially as a homeowner.

You need home insurance because your home could experience damage. 

Your home is a very valuable asset. However, its value can decline rapidly if it becomes damaged due to a natural disaster or accident.

Home insurance policies offer coverage for certain types of home damage. This protects a home’s value over time and protects the homeowner’s investment in the home in question. 

Do you have questions about home insurance options in Jenkintown, PA? Get in touch with us for answers. We can help you meet your insurance needs in Pennsylvania at Richard Zeises Agency

How can classic car insurance protect me?

If you are a car lover, investing in a classic car may be an ultimate dream. Not only is a classic car a prized possession, but it could also be considered a unique investment option. If you are looking to purchase a classic car in or around Jenkintown, PA, you need to make sure that you get the right insurance for it. Investing in a classic car insurance policy can be a great option as it could protect you in several different ways. 

Classic Car Insurance Will Protect Vehicle Value

One advantage of a classic car insurance policy is that it will protect your vehicle’s value and your investment. Most cars tend to depreciate as time goes on, and your standard auto policy will reflect this. However, a classic car could actually increase in value over time. When you get a classic car insurance policy, you will get to negotiate a fair replacement value to ensure it reflects your actual value.

Insurance Gives Liability Protection

Another reason to get the insurance designed for a classic car is that it will properly reflect your liability risk. Anyone that wants to drive any car in Pennsylvania needs to have liability protection. If you get a classic car, your actual liability risk is likely a lot lower, as you will drive it infrequently. A classic car insurance policy can be curtailed to reflect this reduced risk.

When looking to insure your classic car, you should call the Richard Zeises Agency. The team at Richard Zeises Agency has helped many people in the Jenkintown, PA area choose a policy that is ideal for their situation. This can help to ensure that your prized possession is properly insured and protected. 

What does renters insurance cover

Jenkintown is a great place to live in. It has top-rated schools and offers all the benefits of a small town within an easy commute from Philadelphia. While most people in town own their own homes, those who rent need to be familiar with the benefits provided by renters insurance. While a renter doesn’t need to worry about having insurance on the physical structure of the building where they live, all of their possessions are their responsibility to protect. The Richard Zeises Agency has been offering exceptional service to the residents of the area for more than 40 years. You can count on us to put your needs first and provide the information you need about renters insurance. 

Loss of use

If your rental is damaged so severely by a covered hazard that it can no longer be lived in, you will need a place to stay. Renters insurance can help by paying for a hotel until you can find a temporary rental. Knowing you will have a roof over your head helps to relieve some of the stress these types of events cause. 

Personal property replacement

Before you can move to another temporary rental, you may need to replace a lot of things. It would help if you had clothes to wear and furniture to furnish your rental. You may need to replace your laptop and other electronics. Imagine having to purchase everything you need to cook. It is all quite overwhelming. 

Liability coverage

Liability coverage protects you from the results of legal action against you by someone who was injured by you or a family member, or while visiting your rental. Legal fees and medical fees are also covered. 

 If you live in or near Jenkintown, PA, Richard Zeises Agency looks forward to welcoming you to our family of customers. Give us a call or visit our office for a free quote and any additional information about renters’ insurance that you require.