3 Benefits of Renters Insurance

It’s the dream of many people to own a home. But with the changing world, the autonomy given by rental houses is just the bomb. Renting a house gives you the freedom of moving from one place to another, yet you have somewhere you can call home. For homeowners, home insurance protects them. What about those who rent apartments or condos? That’s where renters insurance comes into play.

Many people assume that their landlord’s insurance protects them against perils like theft, vandalism, and fire. The reality is that the landlord’s insurance covers the building but not the contents. In light of this, you need to purchase renters insurance from Richard Zeises Agency of Jenkintown, PA. This way, you will enjoy the below benefits. 

Liability coverage

Liability coverage covers you in the event someone got injured in your home. It also protects you or anyone covered in the policy if you accidentally injure someone. This coverage pays for property damages, bodily injury costs, and even legal expenses up to your policy limit.

Provides cover for your belongings

Perhaps this is the most important reason for having renter insurance. Your belongings are a fortune. Think about your electronics, clothing, sporting gear, furniture, and so on. Renters insurance protects your assets from loss or damage even when disaster strikes outside your house. 

Provides additional living expenses

If your rented condo or apartment becomes uninhabitable due to a covered peril, your renter insurance may cover your additional temporal living expenses as the house is undergoing repairs. It will help if you discuss the additional living expenses coverage with your insurance agent to be on the safe side.

Renters insurance in Pennsylvania

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What does renters insurance cover

Jenkintown is a great place to live in. It has top-rated schools and offers all the benefits of a small town within an easy commute from Philadelphia. While most people in town own their own homes, those who rent need to be familiar with the benefits provided by renters insurance. While a renter doesn’t need to worry about having insurance on the physical structure of the building where they live, all of their possessions are their responsibility to protect. The Richard Zeises Agency has been offering exceptional service to the residents of the area for more than 40 years. You can count on us to put your needs first and provide the information you need about renters insurance. 

Loss of use

If your rental is damaged so severely by a covered hazard that it can no longer be lived in, you will need a place to stay. Renters insurance can help by paying for a hotel until you can find a temporary rental. Knowing you will have a roof over your head helps to relieve some of the stress these types of events cause. 

Personal property replacement

Before you can move to another temporary rental, you may need to replace a lot of things. It would help if you had clothes to wear and furniture to furnish your rental. You may need to replace your laptop and other electronics. Imagine having to purchase everything you need to cook. It is all quite overwhelming. 

Liability coverage

Liability coverage protects you from the results of legal action against you by someone who was injured by you or a family member, or while visiting your rental. Legal fees and medical fees are also covered. 

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