Do You Need Comprehensive Auto Insurance If You Are Financing Your Vehicle?

There are many things to consider if you’re planning to purchase a new vehicle. One major point is to figure out who your insurance provider will be before you make your decisions. Finance companies require full coverage insurance before you can drive away with your new vehicle. Part of having full coverage refers to having an adequate amount of comprehensive insurance.

Carrying Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive insurance coverage is designed to protect a vehicle owner or finance company from losses related to damages not covered by collisions insurance or by theft, fire, and other unusual events. Comprehensive coverage should be equivalent to the value of the vehicle. It should be in place until the vehicle is paid off, and the policyholder’s obligation to the finance company is met. If you need assistance with getting the right type of comprehensive coverage, turn to a knowledgeable insurance agent to guide you through the process. 

Agents are There to Help

An insurance agent is there to help potential clients discover what their current and future needs are, and then suggest insurance products that meet or exceed those needs. Using their guidance and resources is the best way to get the protection you need to have total peace of mind. Those who are currently shopping for auto insurance in the Jenkintown, PA area can count on Richard Zeises Agency to give them the support and answers they need to make an informed choice. 

Auto insurance is necessary to protect both lenders and buyers from losses. Enlist the help of Richard Zeises Agency insurance to get coverage in Pennsylvania. You need to avoid losses or issues while financing your vehicles. Call or stop by our office in Jenkintown, PA today to schedule an appointment.