Why is investing in umbrella insurance a good idea?

Those that live in the Jenkintown, PA area will have a variety of different insurance needs. One effective form of coverage that should be considered is umbrella insurance. This is an additional form of personal liability insurance that could prove to be very valuable. There are several reasons why getting this coverage is a good idea for most people. 

Covers for Unforeseen Risks

A primary advantage of getting umbrella coverage is that it will cover you for unforeseen risks. While some types of liability risk can be directly planned for, such as if you cause a car accident, others can be much less predictable. With an umbrella policy, you are going to receive a lot more support for risks that you may not see coming as this insurance gives a more blanket form of coverage. 

Covers for Larger Liability Claims

Most people are going to receive coverage through their home and auto policies. The majority of the liability claims that would be covered by these policies will fit under the policy limit. However, more significant accidents do happen, and if the damages exceed your policy coverage, you will need to come out of pocket to cover the balance. If you have an umbrella policy, you will get the coverage that you need as it will provide protection on top of the home and auto insurance. 

Getting umbrella coverage is a good idea for anyone in the Jenkintown, PA area. As you are looking for a new policy here, contacting the Richard Zeises Agency would be a great option. The insurance team at Richard Zeises Agency can give you a lot of guidance. Picking this form of insurance is never easy, but our insurance professionals can provide you the support you need.