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Pennsylvania Umbrella insurance coverage

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Umbrella Insurance in Pennsylvania

Umbrella insurance is coverage that adds an extra layer of liability insurance to a policy that you already own. It can help with your home and auto coverage. At Richard Zeises Agency in Jenkintown, PA, we care about our clients. We know that in Pennsylvania like the rest of the country, things happen and when bad things happen a lawsuit can follow. Protecting yourself from legal expenses and a judgment against you is vital to preserving your assets.

Your home is your largest investment and you have protected it with home insurance. Your auto insurance also has liability coverage. Unfortunately, huge settlements can rise to levels beyond what the average home or auto policy liability levels cover. When that happens, the liability to meet the judgment falls to you personally. This can mean that your home, savings and any other assets that you have can be lost because of this. If what you have is not enough to meet the judgment and this can run into the millions, you can have your earnings garnished and have your future assets be in jeopardy. It is a possibility that it might keep you awake at night.

How can you protect yourself? An umbrella policy gives you the extra coverage that you need. When you have reached the maximum of your liability on your car or your home, an umbrella policy will kick in and add the additional amount that you need. The typical umbrella policy adds between one and five million dollars in additional coverage. If you have a lot of assets, it can go even higher. Umbrella policies are inexpensive when you consider the valuable protection that they provide.

If you have assets and you live in Pennsylvania, the team at Richard Zeises Agency is looking forward to sitting down with you to discuss your insurance needs. We know the questions to ask you to determine exactly the right amount of insurance to guarantee that you will have peace of mind and all the protection you need.


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