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Pennsylvania Condo insurance coverage

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Condo Insurance in Pennsylvania

All condo owners in Pennsylvania should be carrying condo insurance on their personal condos. While many of them do, some feel as though they are covered with the insurance provided by the homeowner’s association. Unfortunately, that coverage does not extend to personal property like an individual policy from Richard Zeises Agency, located in Jenkintown, PA, would do.

Liability Coverage

While the main policy has a liability clause in the plan, this does not cover the privacy of your condo. This is reserved for shared spaces among condo owners such as hallways, game rooms, lobbies, and any pools on the grounds. In order to protect your assets if your pet bites a guest, condo insurance is the number one option. Owning condo insurance is highly recommended, especially for those who own pets, have children, or enjoy entertaining on a regular basis. Having to cover medical expenses or property damage belonging to another can be quite the expense on a fixed income and completely avoidable with condo insurance.

Replace Your Property

Should your condo fall to the hands of a criminal who vandalizes and burglarizes your home, your personal property that is damaged or stolen will need to be replaced. With condo insurance, you can make a claim and get financial assistance to help you cover the costs of the products, giving you solid peace of mind when trying to deal with the rest of the situation. You can replace everything from clothing and jewelry to furniture and appliances. Essentially, any part of the condo that was not provided and not shared with another condo can be covered.

Get your coverage today!

Do not wait another day without carrying coverage for your Pennsylvania condo. At Richard Zeises Agency in Jenkintown, PA, one of our team members is ready to assist you with getting the policy and coverage you need. Do not rely any longer on that master HOA insurance plan and give our team a call today.


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