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Pennsylvania Renters insurance coverage

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Renters Insurance in Pennsylvania

In most cases, obtaining renter's insurance is a smart idea if you do not own your home. However, there are certain conditions where you might not need to. If you live with your parents in Pennsylvania you do not need renter's insurance coverage. Otherwise, many people choose to carry it for their own peace of mind. They often turn to Richard Zeises Agency for help.

Exceptions to Needing Renters Insurance

College and university students that live on campus or in official student housing generally don't need to get renter's insurance. Most parents' homeowner's insurance will cover any expenses that rental insurance would have covered on its own.

The ins and outs of Renters Insurance

Those who live in an apartment rented to them by a landlord can opt for renter's insurance. Some landlords will require all their tenants to have it. Others leave that decision up to the tenant to make. It is important to understand if a landlord has rental insurance on the apartment you live in, you may not necessarily be personally protected. Many people find themselves waiving the insurance when they first move into an apartment but deciding to get it later.

Landlords Role in Insurance for Renters

In Pennsylvania, landlords can be included in your insurance. They are considered an additional interest, meaning the insurance company will inform them if you lose your coverage. However, experts recommend that you avoid listing them on your renter's insurance policy. Not all landlords insist on being added to your renter's insurance, but some will. You always have the option of finding a landlord that doesn't require it. Each individual landlord decides how much liability they insist on getting from any renter. This helps you determine how much coverage you need to live in the apartment of your choice.

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