What Pennsylvania residents Need to know about Condo insurance.

A condo insurance policy procured from an authorized insurance company in Jenkintown, PA can protect your personal belongings and liability. It also covers many alterations, additions, and improvements you make to your unit. Condo insurance caters to additional living expenses incurred should you live elsewhere after a covered loss. Let Richard Zeises Agency, situated in Jenkintown, PA, help you find outstanding coverage that suits your budgetary needs.

This form of policy is tailored to guard you and your family members against property damage, liability claims, and bodily injury. Additionally, you can choose medical payments that will cater to medical bills incurred by a guest who gets injured on your property, irrespective of who is deemed liable. Many Pennsylvania residents prefer condos to apartments when renting, but selecting proper condo insurance can sometimes be daunting. Worry not because Richard Zeises Agency is here to help. Our agency considers all the factors when building your condo insurance policy. They include:

  • Credit history.
  • Claims history.
  • Location of your condo.
  • Age(new or old) of your condo.

Types of condo insurance coverages.

  • Personal liability coverage: This policy pays for related legal expenses if someone is accidentally injured while residing in your condo and you are deemed liable.
  • Guest medical: This policy settles the medical expenses if your visitor gets injured while at your condo, even if you are deemed liable.
  • Building property protection: It typically helps in paying for repairs to the walls of your condominium unit, inclusive of its interior, which encompasses items like built-in bookcases and fixtures if a covered peril propagates destruction.
  • Personal property coverage: Personal possession such as appliances, clothing, furniture, and electronics get covered under personal property coverage. If a covered peril destroys them, this policy helps to repair or replace them. It encompasses two types of personal property coverage:
    • Replacement cost coverage.
    • Actual cash value.
  • Loss assessment coverage: In some cases, your condo association may issue a special assessment, and this form of policy may help you cover your share. For instance, if a fire causes damage to a common area.

Your condo is your ultimate source of comfort. Let us safeguard the space you have made your own. Call or visit us at Richard Zeises Agency offices, located in Jenkintown, PA for more information.