Is commercial insurance in Jenkintown, PA a good investment?

Picture two similar businesses operating in Jenkintown, PA. One has commercial insurance, but the other has chosen to forego business insurance to save some bucks. Assume a brutal weather where hail strikes, causing significant damages to both businesses. Who do you think saves money in the long run? The business owner with insurance will claim compensation for the losses from their insurer. Meanwhile, the business without insurance will have to make the repairs from their profits.

If you have been thinking of ignoring commercial insurance for your business, don’t. When you buy business insurance from Richard Zeises Agency, you accrue the below benefits. 

Liability protection

There is a lot of wrong that can go in your business. Your products could harm consumers. A visitor could slip while within your premises, sustaining injuries. Or you could publish an online report deemed libelous by a third party. Since businesses operate in a risky environment, you need commercial insurance to protect you from expensive third-party claims. 

Protects your employees

Since you value your employees, it makes sense to protect them with worker’s comp insurance. This coverage pays for medical expenses when your employees become ill or suffer work-related injuries. Besides, it covers partial loss of income if your employee can’t resume work due to injuries. 

Boosts credibility

Besides professionalism, commercial insurance provides an extra layer of credibility. Your suppliers and customers are protected in case your business fails to honor commitments for whatever reason. In simple terms, commercial insurance gives you a competitive advantage over rivals.  

Protects your business against losses

Commercial insurance protects your business against financial losses that may arise when perils strike. For instance, if a fire was to ravage your business, commercial insurance saves you the loss of financing your assets from scratch. Similarly, commercial insurance shields your business finances if your employees suffer work-related injuries. 

Buy commercial insurance today!

Having seen the power that a commercial insurance policy packs, it’s time to purchase coverage from Richard Zeises Agency. If you are in Jenkintown, PA, and its environs, please get in touch with us for an affordable quote.