Mileage limitations of classic car insurance

Classic car insurance protects your older model, rare, restored vehicle whether you own a classic car, vintage motorcycle, antique truck, or a collector’s vehicle, according to the Richard Zeises Agency. Jenkintown, PA classic car owners need coverage specifically for their classic vehicle, so they obtain its full value if something happens to damage it.

While this special type of auto insurance pays you the full value of your vehicle if something damages it, you trade off driving miles to keep it safer. The average person drives about 13,500 miles per year. This creates a lot of risks that something could go wrong since the vehicle spends so much time on the road.

Since the value of classic cars runs much higher than typical vehicles which depreciate, the insurance agency wants you to drive them less. A classic car insurance policy limits you to between 1,000 to 2,500 miles per year. Most policies include an odometer check each year to make sure you did not go over the limit.

How many miles you get to drive your vehicle depends on the insurance policy. Policies vary, so your buddy in the classic car club might have a policy that only lets her drive the classic car 1,000 miles per year, but your policy might allow 2,000 miles per year.

You can customize many aspects of the policy you buy, including its mileage and deductible. You can purchase add-ons to the regular policy that lets you extend the coverage.

Consult with your insurance agent at Richard Zeises Agency serving Jenkintown, PA to learn more about classic car insurance. We can help you customize a policy to suit your needs. Call us today.