The Risks Of Not Having Commercial Insurance

You most likely have car insurance for your vehicle, home insurance for your house, and health insurance for your family. Therefore, it also makes sense to carry commercial insurance if you run your own business. However, many small business owners prefer not to purchase commercial insurance, thinking that it is unnecessary. If you are one of them, Richard Zeises Agency, serving Jenkintown, PA, prepared a list of risks you face if you do not carry business insurance:

  • Failure to protect your employees. Workers’ compensation is the type of policy designed to protect employees if something happens to them in the workplace, and they cannot work for a while. Moreover, workers’ compensation is also mandatory in the state of Pennsylvania. If you decide to take a risk and operate your business without it, you violate the state law, and you put your employees in danger. 
  • Financial losses. If something happens with your business, you will be financially responsible for covering all the damages. For example, if there is a fire in your restaurant’s kitchen, you will have to pay for all the repairs and purchasing new appliances yourself. It is much better to have commercial insurance that will cover all the expenses if something unpredictable happens. 
  • Risk of losing your commercial property. If you do not have adequate business insurance, you are also risking the loss of your commercial property and assets if there is fire, flood, theft, vandalism, or any natural disaster. 

The above are just a few most common risks that business owners may face if they decide not to purchase business insurance. If you are thinking about getting a policy and you need some help, Richard Zeises Agency, serving clients in Jenkintown, PA, and other surrounding towns, is always ready to assist you. Do not hesitate to give us a call and talk to one of our highly qualified insurance agents, who will answer all your questions. 

Three reasons why you need home insurance in Pennsylvania

Purchasing home insurance is essential for homeowners in Jenkintown, PA. If you own a home, you can look into purchasing a home insurance policy from Richard Zeises Agency. 

The following are three reasons why you need home insurance in Pennsylvania.

You need home insurance because your mortgage lender requires it.

Probably the biggest reason why home insurance is a necessity is that mortgage lenders generally require it. If you borrowed money to buy your home, your lender probably requires you to carry home insurance.

You can discuss home insurance requirements with your mortgage lender. Your mortgage lender will be notified if your home insurance policy lapses, so you need to make sure that you keep your home insured throughout the life of your mortgage. 

You need home insurance because you may face a liability lawsuit.

Liability lawsuits are probably more common than you think. If another individual becomes injured in or around your home, you could be held liable for the resulting medical expenses. These expenses can be significant.

Home insurance policies typically include liability coverage. This coverage can protect you financially as a homeowner.

You need home insurance because your home could experience damage. 

Your home is a very valuable asset. However, its value can decline rapidly if it becomes damaged due to a natural disaster or accident.

Home insurance policies offer coverage for certain types of home damage. This protects a home’s value over time and protects the homeowner’s investment in the home in question. 

Do you have questions about home insurance options in Jenkintown, PA? Get in touch with us for answers. We can help you meet your insurance needs in Pennsylvania at Richard Zeises Agency

How can classic car insurance protect me?

If you are a car lover, investing in a classic car may be an ultimate dream. Not only is a classic car a prized possession, but it could also be considered a unique investment option. If you are looking to purchase a classic car in or around Jenkintown, PA, you need to make sure that you get the right insurance for it. Investing in a classic car insurance policy can be a great option as it could protect you in several different ways. 

Classic Car Insurance Will Protect Vehicle Value

One advantage of a classic car insurance policy is that it will protect your vehicle’s value and your investment. Most cars tend to depreciate as time goes on, and your standard auto policy will reflect this. However, a classic car could actually increase in value over time. When you get a classic car insurance policy, you will get to negotiate a fair replacement value to ensure it reflects your actual value.

Insurance Gives Liability Protection

Another reason to get the insurance designed for a classic car is that it will properly reflect your liability risk. Anyone that wants to drive any car in Pennsylvania needs to have liability protection. If you get a classic car, your actual liability risk is likely a lot lower, as you will drive it infrequently. A classic car insurance policy can be curtailed to reflect this reduced risk.

When looking to insure your classic car, you should call the Richard Zeises Agency. The team at Richard Zeises Agency has helped many people in the Jenkintown, PA area choose a policy that is ideal for their situation. This can help to ensure that your prized possession is properly insured and protected. 

What does renters insurance cover

Jenkintown is a great place to live in. It has top-rated schools and offers all the benefits of a small town within an easy commute from Philadelphia. While most people in town own their own homes, those who rent need to be familiar with the benefits provided by renters insurance. While a renter doesn’t need to worry about having insurance on the physical structure of the building where they live, all of their possessions are their responsibility to protect. The Richard Zeises Agency has been offering exceptional service to the residents of the area for more than 40 years. You can count on us to put your needs first and provide the information you need about renters insurance. 

Loss of use

If your rental is damaged so severely by a covered hazard that it can no longer be lived in, you will need a place to stay. Renters insurance can help by paying for a hotel until you can find a temporary rental. Knowing you will have a roof over your head helps to relieve some of the stress these types of events cause. 

Personal property replacement

Before you can move to another temporary rental, you may need to replace a lot of things. It would help if you had clothes to wear and furniture to furnish your rental. You may need to replace your laptop and other electronics. Imagine having to purchase everything you need to cook. It is all quite overwhelming. 

Liability coverage

Liability coverage protects you from the results of legal action against you by someone who was injured by you or a family member, or while visiting your rental. Legal fees and medical fees are also covered. 

 If you live in or near Jenkintown, PA, Richard Zeises Agency looks forward to welcoming you to our family of customers. Give us a call or visit our office for a free quote and any additional information about renters’ insurance that you require. 

Why is investing in umbrella insurance a good idea?

Those that live in the Jenkintown, PA area will have a variety of different insurance needs. One effective form of coverage that should be considered is umbrella insurance. This is an additional form of personal liability insurance that could prove to be very valuable. There are several reasons why getting this coverage is a good idea for most people. 

Covers for Unforeseen Risks

A primary advantage of getting umbrella coverage is that it will cover you for unforeseen risks. While some types of liability risk can be directly planned for, such as if you cause a car accident, others can be much less predictable. With an umbrella policy, you are going to receive a lot more support for risks that you may not see coming as this insurance gives a more blanket form of coverage. 

Covers for Larger Liability Claims

Most people are going to receive coverage through their home and auto policies. The majority of the liability claims that would be covered by these policies will fit under the policy limit. However, more significant accidents do happen, and if the damages exceed your policy coverage, you will need to come out of pocket to cover the balance. If you have an umbrella policy, you will get the coverage that you need as it will provide protection on top of the home and auto insurance. 

Getting umbrella coverage is a good idea for anyone in the Jenkintown, PA area. As you are looking for a new policy here, contacting the Richard Zeises Agency would be a great option. The insurance team at Richard Zeises Agency can give you a lot of guidance. Picking this form of insurance is never easy, but our insurance professionals can provide you the support you need. 

Three things to do when you’re on the market for flood insurance

Flood insurance is vital for protecting the value of your property. We provide flood insurance to homeowners in Jenkintown, PA at Richard Zeises Agency. 

It’s essential that you go through all the necessary steps to find the right flood insurance solution for your needs. The following are three things to do when you’re on the market for flood insurance.

Find out what flood zone you live in

Insurance companies use flood zone designations to ascertain the risk of flooding in a particular area. If you are in a flood zone starting with the letter A or V, your home is in a high-risk area. Zones that are less at risk of flooding may be designated with flood zones starting with B, C, or X. 

Knowing your flood zone helps you get quotes on flood insurance from insurance providers. It can also help give you a general idea of how much flood insurance should cost you. 

Research various providers of flood insurance in your area

It’s important to research your options before you purchase a flood insurance policy. Check out the various providers offering flood insurance in your area. Find insurance providers with the best reputation and most favorable reviews from past customers. 

Get quotes on policies that are available to you.

Once you’ve picked out a few good insurance providers offering flood insurance in your area, you should get quotes from them. Then, you can compare various quotes and decide upon the policy that will provide you the best value and protection for your home. 

Get started with the process of purchasing flood insurance with our help at Richard Zeises Agency. We’re standing by to answer any questions you might have regarding flood insurance in Jenkintown, PA.

What Makes Condo Insurance So Important?

Insurance for your condo is just as important as someone having homeowner’s insurance. It may not be the first thought you have when you move in. If this is the case, you will do well to talk to a qualified professional such as an agent from Richard Zeises Agency of the Jenkintown, PA area.

Home Insurance and Condo Insurance Are Alike

It should be noted that home and condo insurance policies have similar aspects to one another. The risk factor is equal to them. However, it’s a good idea to have the additional layer of protection than you’d have with a master policy from your homeowner’s association. Condo homeowner’s insurance will cover what’s inside of your dwellings, such as your fixtures and valuable belongings. While the master policy is for all of the common areas, such as clubhouses and gyms, your condo homeowner’s policy is just for your single condo unit.

Condo Insurance Coverage in Pennsylvania

Once you have condo insurance, it’s a great relief. You won’t have to worry about what will happen if there’s water damage in your unit if your washing machine leaks or something happens with your air conditioner. You’ll have the coverage to replace or repair anything that’s been damaged as a result of what’s happened.

It’s important you know that policies vary from different agencies. You’ll have to determine what’s offered by the specific company you go through. Condo insurance does come in handy for instances of fire, vandalism, theft, and hail in many cases. 

When it comes to having the right condo insurance for your needs, discuss the options available with an expert at Richard Zeises Agency in Jenkintown, PA. We are pleased to assist new and returning clients with all questions and requests for a quote.

Do You Need Comprehensive Auto Insurance If You Are Financing Your Vehicle?

There are many things to consider if you’re planning to purchase a new vehicle. One major point is to figure out who your insurance provider will be before you make your decisions. Finance companies require full coverage insurance before you can drive away with your new vehicle. Part of having full coverage refers to having an adequate amount of comprehensive insurance.

Carrying Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive insurance coverage is designed to protect a vehicle owner or finance company from losses related to damages not covered by collisions insurance or by theft, fire, and other unusual events. Comprehensive coverage should be equivalent to the value of the vehicle. It should be in place until the vehicle is paid off, and the policyholder’s obligation to the finance company is met. If you need assistance with getting the right type of comprehensive coverage, turn to a knowledgeable insurance agent to guide you through the process. 

Agents are There to Help

An insurance agent is there to help potential clients discover what their current and future needs are, and then suggest insurance products that meet or exceed those needs. Using their guidance and resources is the best way to get the protection you need to have total peace of mind. Those who are currently shopping for auto insurance in the Jenkintown, PA area can count on Richard Zeises Agency to give them the support and answers they need to make an informed choice. 

Auto insurance is necessary to protect both lenders and buyers from losses. Enlist the help of Richard Zeises Agency insurance to get coverage in Pennsylvania. You need to avoid losses or issues while financing your vehicles. Call or stop by our office in Jenkintown, PA today to schedule an appointment. 

What is included with commercial insurance?

Starting a business in the Jenkintown, PA area can be a great experience and option. When you are looking to start a business here, getting the proper insurance is extremely important. Today, business owners all over the Jenkintown area could benefit from getting commercial insurance. There are a variety of benefits that will come when you get a full commercial insurance policy for your organization as it provides several forms of protection. 

Ensures You Have Coverage for Liability

One of the advantages of getting a commercial insurance policy is that it can confirm that you will have coverage for liability risk. When you own any kind of business, there is always a risk that you could be sued for liability. This risk can vary based on the type of business you are in but always exists. Those that get commercial insurance will have coverage against this risk at all times.

Ensures Assets are Protected

When you have a business in the Jenkintown, PA area, you also will have coverage due to the fact that your assets will be covered. If your assets are damaged or destroyed, you are going to want to have coverage to replace them. Your commercial insurance policy could prove to be very important and valuable in these situations. 

When you are looking for a new commercial insurance policy, a great company to speak with is the team at the Richard Zeises Agency. The insurance team at Richard Zeises Agency can provide a variety of services that will help to ensure that you find a good policy. We will do this by carefully examining your business and determining your risks and needs. From there, we can help to build a policy that will provide the right type and level of protection. 

What does Home insurance cover?

One of the best long-term financial decisions that someone can make is when they choose to purchase a home. If you are looking to buy a home in the Jenkintown, PA area, many important decisions need to be made. One decision to make comes when you are choosing a home insurance policy. Home insurance can provide a variety of different coverages that will make it a good insurance option for your situation. 

Coverage for Assets

One type of coverage that you will get with your home insurance policy is coverage for your assets. This primarily will include providing coverage to repair or rebuild your home if it is damaged or destroyed. However, home insurance will also give you coverage for your personal belongings if they are stolen or damaged. If you have expensive jewelry or collectibles, you can also get additional coverage riders to ensure they are fully covered. 

Liability Protection

Those that purchase a home need to consider their liability risk. When you have home insurance, you will also get a liability insurance policy that will give coverage if you are sued for liability. This will provide you with peace of mind and coverage in the event a guest is injured while on your property, and you are deemed liable. 

Choosing a home insurance policy is a big decision. Since some complexity comes with getting insurance for your property, you should speak with someone that you can trust. For those that are near the Jenkintown, PA area, an excellent source for your home insurance needs is the Richard Zeises Agency. When you contact the Richard Zeises Agency for your insurance needs, you can be assured that you will receive the guidance necessary to pick the best policy possible.